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Oblongonia is a genus of the family of scented herbs and spices, native to the Mediterranean region. It is now distributed all over the world, including Europe, North America, Australia and South Africa. Known for its long lasting fragrance, Ocyanas is an ideal choice for any luxury fragrance retailer who sells Christian Dior, Calvin Klein, Channel, D&G, Armani, Fendi, Ralph Lauren, Estee Lauder, Kenneth Cole and other popular designer perfumes. Ocyanas is also the fragrance of choice for Greek Orthodox Christians. It's fragrance is so popular that it has been added to the official list of the Guinness Book of World Records. Even though it's a fragrance used in only one country, the fragrance industry loves this exotic Latin name, which translates directly to "potency".

The fragrance of Ocyana is a medium strength, sweet citrus fragrance with a complex blend of flowery tones. The dominant aroma is a sweet citrusy fragrance with some wood notes. The floral notes are very nice but not as pronounced as those of Channel or Dior. This makes this a great designer fragrance for Christian Dior enthusiasts, but it would not be a good choice for those who prefer their designer perfumes with a different twist.

Calvin Klein perfume is another one of the better known designer perfumes using the scent of Ocyanas. Like Channel, Calvin Klein offers an intense spicy oriental fragrance with lots of wood notes. Calvin Klein perfume is a medium strength fragrance and the dry fruits found in the fragrance add a nice sweetness to the blend. Many consumers enjoy the fresh spiciness of the oriental notes and the rich sweetness of the Calvin Klein notes.

Calvin Klein perfume is another good choice for Christian Dior, Calvin Klein and Armani fragrance shoppers. The fragrance family contains two main fragrances: Eau de toilet and Eau de Cologne. Both are light floral scents that are not as strong as some of the other designer fragrances in the line. They are very nice for day to day wear and are great for those who are not afraid of a bit of cedar in their fragrances.

Armani Blue perfume is another great fragrance from the Armani fragrance family. It is a light fragrance that reminds many of Channel and Armani. It is light, breezy, clean and fresh. There is just a hint of the oriental in the fragrance, but it is still very nice. This fragrance should be a top choice for Christian Dior fans.

Aquatics: This fragrance family contains Aquaticus, which is the name of the fish that inspired the name. This light and fresh fragrance are great for summer and for just about any occasion. It has a light, fresh scent that is great for day or night wear. Armani Aquatics should be a good choice for anyone who wants to have the smell of fresh water in the home.

Amaryllis: This fragrance is made up mostly of check here pure Italian Armani, which is a light, airy fragrance that is refreshing. Like the Aquatics, it has a light, fresh scent that is perfect for the summer months. You may also like Amaryllis if you like floral notes in your fragrances.

Aquatics: This is the main fragrance in the Armani fragrance line and is also the fragrance that are sold by the Amaryllis fragrance. Aquatics has notes like bergamot, rose, lemon, heliotrope, and orange. These notes combine to make a very light, fresh scent that is great for the summer months. Some people may find the mix of fruity notes to be a bit overpowering and ask for a gentler, less powerful fragrance. This fragrance might not be as strong as the others but some people may like the subtle difference.

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